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Visit to Helfjellet

19. June 2017: Our summer vacation has started. We have arrived in Sunndalen and are living in the same house at  Musgjerd as the previous two years . Yesterday we had a nice trip to Gammelsetra, Lindalen. A bunch of people from the tourist association were already there, looking after the cabin. Lindalen waterfall was impressive as high temperatures had speeded up snow melt. Today we hiked to a mountain I have never been to before. Quite a short trip (3 h), but with an impressive view from the top of Helfjellet. This mountain is special because of it’s location where five valleys meet: Lindalen, Skirådalen, Reppdalen, Grøvudalen, and Grødalen. That is why the view is so great. The streams passing through the valleys all meet at Åmotan, which is located just beneath Helfjellet. Sometimes reindeer can be seen at Helfjellet, Not today, but we saw red grouse trying to lead us away from the chickens. The red admiral, a migrating butterfly, could be seen close to the top cairn, at 1197 m above sea level.

Visit to Helfjellet on June 19, 2017. View towards Grødalen. My wife Cissy and my daughter Ellen enjoy arriving at the top.

A view from Helfjellet toward Grøvudalen and Geitådalen.


Combining several images into one

A nice day in fall the lake surface is completely reflective.

One way to make a panorama landscape image is to tile several images into one. This will boost the number of pixels in the image and make it sharper. One example is shown here. This photo of Tronstadvatn (county Vest-Agder), Norway, is stiched together from several photos with the camera in vertical position. In this way the panorama created will be sharper compared to a single photo. I have used free software from Microsoft called Image Composite Editor (ICE).