Tip 1. L-plate for Sony A7R

L-plates are a benefit for photography since it allows to quickly change between landscape and portrait mode. The most common type demands an Arca-Swiss type quick-release system on the tripod. The problem with cheap L-plates is that they are made to fit most cameras. Since many cameras, like my A7R, have contacts for remote control on the side of the camera, the L-bracket may hide the contacts. This makes it impossible to connect the remote cable, which is very unfortunate. I can recommend the L-plate (BA7-L) from Really Right Stuff for the A7R. It is made in aluminum alloy from two dovetail plates that fit together. This makes it possible to extend the length of the bottom plate so that the camera connections on the left side are accessible. It is also accurately made for this camera and thus it is possible to change the battery with the L-plate in place. It also has a flange that prevents the plate from twisting and makes it easy to hit the screw hole on the camera. The flange helps to fit the L-plate in the correct alignment with the camera. A problem I have encountered is when using lens adapters (LA-EA4), in my case for attaching old Minolta lenses, the base of the adapter is below the base of the camera and thus conflicts with the L-plate. The L-plate has to be mounted on the base of the adapter. This works fine, but it steals some seconds to do the operation. To sum up, I am very happy with this L-plate but the price if quite stiff ($ 175). In the end the equipment that works is what makes good photos. (PS: I have no connection or ties to the company Really Right Stuff).


Camera with L-plate in place.



Camera with L-plate extended to give room for cable connections.


Seen from below.



Camera with L-plate mounted on Minolta lens adapter.

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