Snow and skiing

2018.01.19: A heavy snowfall on Monday (with traffic jam) transformed the woods into a scenic adventure. The wet snow cling to the trees, and more snow hung on. This made trees bend and some broke off. Trees fell on the electricity cables and caused short circuit. This led to a stop in electricity supply for many families in Sørlandet. However, the snowfall made a wonderful sight for everyone who enjoyed skiing on these days.

The Bergstøl ski track on 2018-01-19

The Bergstøl ski track, creek to Straisvann

One thought on “Snow and skiing

  1. Ellen Olsen

    Fantastiske bilder og nydelig natur! Det ser så fredelig ut. Dere er så heldige på Sørlandet med skikkelig winter wonderland. Her i Trondheim går det mest bare i is. Men vi har hatt skyfri himmel de siste dagene så alt blir rosa og lilla. Jeg får ta noen bilder selv.


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