Innerdalen valley

Many years ago plans were proposed for building a large hydroelectric reservoir in Innerdalen. The valley was privately owned by Oystein Opdoel, a farmer who was using the valley for animal pasture. The valley is owned by the Opdoel family since 1740. The surrounding mountains, especially Innerdalstårnet and Skarfjell, were used for climbing by the Mountaineer Club. Mr. Opdoel saw the value of preserving the valley as it was for future generations. After all, a water reservoir would fill the complete valley and ruin the area for ever. He, along with the Mountaineer Club members, fought the authorities. In the end they succeeded. In 1967 the valley (omitting the river) was protected by law. Three years later the Norwegian Nature Conservation Act was approved. Innerdalen, now including the river, was given the status as Landscape Protection Area. Oystein Opdoel’s grandson is now running a guest house, Renndoelssetra, in the old pasture buildings and at the same time caring for milking cows, sheep and goat. The hens provide eggs for breakfast, and you can also have waffles and cream. The guest house is located by Innerdalsvatnet (Innerdal Lake) and is associated with the Norwegian Trekking Association. To get there you have to walk about four kilometers along the four-wheel drive dirt road from the car park at Nerdal (Virumdalen). You will definitely be welcome.

Morning impressions in Innerdalen

Dalatårnet and Skarfjell viewed from Virumdalen

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