Samyang 14 mm, f/2.8, is not robust against knocks

I have enjoyed my Samyang lens for about a year now. Some months ago I accidentally lost my photo backpack from my shoulder to the floor at home. The Samyang lens was in the bag. The padding was not so thick between the floor and the lens, but there was a carpet. I did not pay attention to the episode and forgot about it. In December I was hiking at Ljosland (700 m) and photographed my tent and the sky at night. After arriving home I noticed that the photos were unsharp. I didn’t remember the camerabag episode and assumed that there was dew on the lens front element. Then, last night, I was off to photograph the night sky. Before going out I discovered that my lens was unsharp at infinite distance. However, when I focused down to about 0.7 m the image was sharp. I could also feel that the distance ring on the lens was harder to turn. Suddenly I remembered the camerabag episode and understood the reason for the unsharpness.

Returning from the photo trip I examined the photos and could conclude that they were sharp at infinite distance with the lens set at 0.7 m. I am happy with this after all, but I will advice all owners of this lens to be careful with it. Possibly the internal lens elements are so heavy and/or so weakly attached that it will take little force to knock them out of position.

Winter camping can be rough in Norway

Winter camping can be rough in Norway. Ljosland in December. This image is unsharp.

Test of night sky photography with damaged lens.

Test of night sky photography with damaged lens. However, the image is sharp since I have set the distance to 0.7 m.


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