Welcome to my photography website

My name is Yngvar A. Olsen and I live in southern Norway. Everybody interested in photography are invited to these pages. The focus will be on technical aspects of photography, in particular do-it-yourself building of equipment for better images. But also photos of nature, hiking experiences, and nature conservation issues will be included. I am interested in landscape, bird, macro, astro and time lapse photography.

As I am using Sony equipment there will be many comments on this brand, but that doesn’t imply that this brand is better than other brands. There is a lot of excellent photo equipment out there today. I will try to avoid being too brand-specific on these pages, however good and bad experiences with equipment will be noted.

My previous website “norwaylandscapes.com” is no longer active and some of the content is transferred to this site. Please bear with me that some of the photos are still marked by the old domain name.

Comments, criticism, and suggestions will be very welcome. Feedback from readers will improve our common hobby and stimulate enthusiasm.

Keywords: Photography, macro, landscape, focal length, shutter, aperture, ISO, sensor, lenses, wide angle, tele, magnification, bulb, tripod, camera, flash, equipment, dslr, mirrorless, camouflage, protected areas, nature reserve, hiking, astro, star tracks, birds, insects, norway, arduino, timelapse, intervalometer, remote, slider

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